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Friday, July 26, 2013

Chinese Infrastructure and Natural Resources Investments in North Korea

Investments made by Chinese companies in North Korea have increased dramatically over the past decade. Detailing the full extent of the People’s Republic of China's (PRC) investment in North Korea is difficult, as the North Korean government provides little information on the subject. While the government of the PRC publishes data regarding Chinese outward-bound foreign direct investment (FDI), it is unclear whether the official data provide a complete picture of the level of PRC investment in North Korea. However, according to China’s Ministry of Commerce, investments by Chinese companies have risen dramatically in recent years: the amount of investment reported for 2008 was $41.23 million U.S. dollars (USD), compared to only $1.2 million USD in 2003.

A substantial amount of this Chinese investment is taking place in the mining and mineral resource sectors of North Korea as well as in port facilities and other infrastructure sectors. A shift in investment strategy appears to have taken place around 2002, with the signing of a new investment agreement between the two governments and the creation of an experimental special economic zone for Chinese investors across the border from the Chinese city of Dandong. Although the two countries have announced a number of large-scale joint venture projects, there have been a number of obstacles and challenges preventing these investments from achieving their full potential.

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